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A&J Insulation has been serving as a leading insulation contractor in the Muskoka and surrounding area since 1992.  As a new partner, A&J Spray Foam Insulation specializes in high-end spray foam application.  Whether to protect against Radon gas or to fix a leaky basement, we provide custom solutions for our clients.  From complex and large scale construction projects to the smallest of repair jobs, call or email to schedule an initial consultation today.



Quality Insulation Contracting at Competitive Rates

Under Slab

HEATLOKSOYA applied under the slab on foundation walls and rim joists, provides a completely sealed and continuous shell

Whole Home

Form fitting to correctly insulate your home

Air Sealing

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.

Foundation Upgrade

Fix your damp basement or leaky foundation with interior or exterior application


Projects Portfolio

Each project needs personalized application. We work together with clients to understand their needs and provide multiple solutions when quoting projects. We take pride in our work, though most people will never see it.

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Foundation Upgrade

Damp, cold basements are a common problem.  Digging to find the root cause of the problem and properly address it is the correct approach.  Applying spray foam to help warm the basement and prevent further leaks is a popular solution.

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Radon Gas Protection

Spraying CUFCA certified foam in basements for Radon gas protection is the way to protect against this cancer-causing gas



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